Doing some research for an upcoming interview with a Jacksonville, Florida-based dance instructor (who teaches more than tango btw), I was given this link of her dance partner tangoing with another dancer (no ..this is not scandalous...even if it IS the tango..Actually Lauren is one of Misha's students). I thought it was a good video and, for me, helps to differentiate a little the different types of tangos that might perplex the novice!
I am not going to do too many more of these but I thought this one was worth a look. If  you do not know how to tango I still think an instructor would be best. But if you don't have time or money. Youtube can help you out a little with your tango aspirations.
Here is another basic instruction of how to do the Argentine Tango. I post this because I am working on an article/interview on the basic types of tango and how they differ from one another. You can see differences even within the differing "tangos" and I suspect the reason is that some people have divergent views on what is the proper way to tango. Some likely folks feel there is no such thing as a "proper" or "improper" tango (outside the sort I might do wherein feet are stepped upon).
This video actually makes me think of how you get nervous when you know NOTHING and you go for lessons and everyone else already seems to KNOW what they are doing. It happens in everything but, somehow, it is more embarrassing when it involves dancing.

Maybe it is how "exposed" you are dancing. Here is something that just gives you a basic idea.