Daniela Arcuri, teacher, dancer, choreographer, is teaching several classes throughout South Florida beginning September 10.

Arcuri has been a performer, teacher and choreographer for over 20 years. She was, along with Armando Orzuza, the first dance couple from Argentina to be based in Miami (1993). Raised in Buenos Aires, Arcuri was emersed in the “porteño” culture of that city and spent years dancing and watching the city’s milongas and milongueros.

For more information go to her website, www.danielaarcuri4tango.com. Check out the calendar section for details or email her at daniela4tango@gmail.com

Stops on this visit include West Palm Beach and Hollywood, FL.
A great deal, if not ALL of the information I post on tango in South Florida  from Kim Plank who runs, www.tangoinsouthflorida.com. She compiles information on tango events, milongas, instruction and more, and forwards that info to you. Check out the site or shoot her an email at kimplank (at) earthlink (dot) net.
Beginning Sunday, September 19 Eddy & Veronica Hernandez Trill will begin heading to West Palm Beach to host their traditional Argentine “El Yeite” milonga at George’s, 524 24th Street.

The pair, international Argentine dancer/instructors, will also be offering private lessons (with advance reservations).

The Schedule is as follows-4 pm to 5 pm, Tango Close Embrace, Intermediate Level, 5 pm to 6 pm, Tango Salon, All Levels, 6 pm to 9 pm, "El Yeite" Milonga

The cost is as follows-Both classes + Milonga, $25, One class + Milonga, $15, Only Milonga, $10

Light snacks and refreshments included.

For more information go to www.tangoargentinoeddyvero.com
A fan of tango you say? Here is a collection of dancing, education and more. This three disc set includes four hours of footage. It includes nightly exhibitions and milongas, class pattern reviews by the masters (for all levels) and the Masters of Tango show.

The set costs $75 plus shipping and can be ordered the old-fashioned way via--

Jerry Minne
17109 Knollwood Court
Clinton Township, Michigan 48038
(586) 286-7119

Famed tango instructor Alberto Dassieu returns to Chicago. He was last in the city earlier in the year for Chicago Mini Tango Festival.  Workshops are Sept 4 & 5, with a performance at the milonga being held the evening of September 4.  The milonga is included for folks buying the package.

Dassieu, born in 1937 in a Buenos Aires, was exposed to Tango at a n early time. He has danced since the age of 14.  He has taught at the Casa de Cultura de Ramos Mejia, worked on the filming of Evita, helped out with the National Geographic documentary about Tango (featuring Robert Duvall) as well as a Tango documentary made by Gustavo Benzecry Sabá. He has numerous addition credits.

For more information on the workshops etc go to www.chicagotangofestival.com

For more information on Alberto Sassieu go to www.albertodassieu.com.ar

A video of a recent performance at the 2010 Milongueando Festival in Buenos Aires.


We are sure the gentleman in this picture agrees; tango is good for the health

Not just a recent article in the Clarin Newspaper but also a five year old article in USA Today tout the Argentine Tango as a way to keep both body and brain in good health (I received notice of the first article from Kim Plank in South Florida)


I will not summarize the article, as I expect you can all read for yourself, but I will say that this isn’t surprising. How is Argentine Tango different from activities like Tai Chi? Perhaps less regimented in one sense but in that lack of regimentation isn’t it more creative? You follow a pattern set by the music but the style is your own.

And people who are serious about dancing—and I do not refer to professionals necessarily—are always in good shape physically and that is half the battle. Tango dancing helps with scores on multitasking tests when compared with walking? Of COURSE it does.

I am going to look into this more and write more on the subject soon.