Registration for Brigitta Winkler's workshops in Atlanta is open. Winkler has been a long time inspiration to Atlanta's tango community. You can find out details HERE and register HERE. The workshops take place December 7-9, 2012.

-5 workshops + LUNA: $100 ($80 for students with ID)
-Weekend Workshops: $85 ($65 for students)
-1 day of workshops: $50 ($35 for students)
-Each workshop: $30 ($20 for students)
-Friday Class: $15 payable at the door

4/12/2017 03:31:32 am

Good news for us

4/20/2017 11:40:08 pm

This kind of the workshop is very important for the people and it is good news for the people. You should also go to this workshop to know about it and such workshop never comes again and again. Students should take this workshop.


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