Apologies for not posting for so long but sometimes things get busy!

Eddy Hernandez & Veronica Trill have frequently been the subject of posts regarding instruction. But not everyone was nearby to take advantage. Now you can avail yourselves of their tango expertise without leaving your home (although it is recommended you leave your home to dance now and again!).

The pair have released a new instructional DVD. You can find out more and order it HERE.

Registration for Brigitta Winkler's workshops in Atlanta is open. Winkler has been a long time inspiration to Atlanta's tango community. You can find out details HERE and register HERE. The workshops take place December 7-9, 2012.

-5 workshops + LUNA: $100 ($80 for students with ID)
-Weekend Workshops: $85 ($65 for students)
-1 day of workshops: $50 ($35 for students)
-Each workshop: $30 ($20 for students)
-Friday Class: $15 payable at the door

Gustavo Benzecry and Maria Olivera will be holding musicality workshops in Chicago from September 27 through October 3, 2012. The classes are meant for intermediate and advanced tango dancers. You can sign up for the full six classes or a day pass.

There will also be opportunities for private lessons during the duo’s stay in the Windy City.

Benzecry and Olivera met nine years ago when the former was teaching a class in Palermo. It wasn’t too long before they were working together at Salon Canning where they taught for seven years. They currently tour the world dancing and teaching at festivals. Both have incredible resumes. You can contact them at info@tangosalon.com.ar or visit their website www.tangosalon.com.ar.

For info on their Chicago workshops or private classes email Ray Barbosa at  chicagomilonguero@yahoo.com.

Helaine Treitman is offering a breakthrough tango experience at her Tango Mojo Coaching Retreat at the Waldorf Astoria, Naples August 23-26. For more info go HERE.

Participants will work with Treitman for 18 hours over three and a half days in classes and guided practicas. The aim is to break through frustrating limitations on the dance floor. There will be milongas every night.

In this unique learning experience, tangueros and tangueras will work with me in 18 hours over 3.5 days (12 hrs. classes, 6 hrs. guided practicas) to break through any frustrating limitations on the dance floor.  We'll have milongas every night featuring Chuck Hand, one of Florida's favorite dj's!  

Details of the program can be found HERE.

You can also get , until AUGUST 19, a “Fast Decision Price.” Which you will find on the website.

Eddy and Veronica have a new cycle of classes for beginners from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. every Monday at VK Dabce 3363 NE 163rd Street in North Miami Beach.

While the class is for beginners ladies who want to learn the leader’s roll and intermediate/advanced dancers who want to work on basics are welcome. The price is $20 per person or $30 per couple. You can also pay $60 for four classes in advance.

For more info email eddyverotangoargentino@gmail.com.

Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo  are back in Chicago with a series of intensive workshops to teach you where the power move originates and how to communicate with your partner There will be two days of workshops at the American Tango Institute, 325 N. Hoyne Ave, Chicago.

For more info email info@americantangoinstitute.com.

Ghi and Merlo will also perform at the Saturday milonga (10 pm to 2 am) on September 1. Tickets for milonga are $15.

Malambo Fusion Company is holding Argentine Folklore Classes with choreographer, dancer and instructor,  Claudio Ponce. Classes begin May 3, 2012 and continue every Thursday from 7 to 8:30 p.m.  at Seacoast Suites Ballroom, 5101 Collins Ave, Miami Beach.

A single class is $15 and a package of ten costs $120.

You can learn La chacarera, Gato and Escondidos, Zamba, Bombas and Boleadoras. You can also learn (and will learn over time) techniques including, arms posture, Zarandeo Simple (simple skirt movement), Zapateos (simple tappin), music and rhythm. Classes are open to all levels. Wear comfortable clothes (skirts for women best).

Ponce teaches Argentine folklore at Miami Contemporary Dance company and was elected as a member of the Internation Dance Council under UNESCO in 2011 for his efforts to promote Argentine folklore.  He is also the founder of Malambo Fusion Company.


Learn tango with the folks who teach tango teachers. All week long, Monday to Thursday from 8 to 10 p.m. at Tango Times Dance Company, 1613 nE 163rd Street, North Miami Beach.  More info at www.tangotimes.com.

You can learn; technique, pivot, tours, aerial figures and body language. They teach social tango or fantasy tango. You can even learn what it takes to be a pro.

 •       Group Tango Lesson for Adults: Monday thru Thursday 8pm

•       Modern Dance: Monday 6:15pm

•       Group Argentine Folk Dances Lesson: Tuesday 6:30pm

•       Belly Dancing: Wednesday 6:45pm

•       Salsa: Friday 8pm

This is Tango Now-Identidad is in Chicago April 6 and 7, 2012. There are two shows each night and general admission tickets are $23. Reserved seats are $33. Find out more about the show HERE. To buy tickets go HERE.

On April 8, after the shows the American Tango Institute will have a milonga with the stars of the shows. If you attend the show Saturday tickets to the milonga are only $5. General Admission tickets are $15.

Stars of the show will also teach workshops for one day only, Sunday April 8, from 1 to 6 p.m. There will be three one and a half hour workshops (cumulative). One workshop costs $25 and all three runs $60. Register VIA email at info (at) americantangoinstitute (dot) com

Tango Times Dance Studio, 1613 NE 163rd. Street in North Miami Beach, have classes in malambo, bombo, boleadoras and other dances every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. Oscar Caballero is the instructor.

Find out more HERE.

If you are interested in tango Argentine folk dancing should be of interest also. I have been meaning to repost information on these classes for South Florida Friends!