Jerry and Christine Perez are in Los Angeles from January 29 to February 3 working on post production on a film that should be of interest to Tango fans. Tango Tony was filmed in Miami in August. They are not going to be hosting their normal Tango Klub milonga but have friends filling in.

A preview of the movie is above. More info at their website,

With over 200 recordings to her credit Argentine tango singer Ada Falcón left the limelight in 1942. This vanishing act is often described in overly dramatic terms--made to seem like some Houdini trick. In fact, she simply went from being a glamorous star at the seeming height of her career to a religious recluse. Nonetheless she was rarely seen and basically vanished from sight without explanation--until 2002.

I Don't Know What Your Eyes Have Done To Me, a documentary by filmmakers Lorena Munoz and Sergio Wolf, is shot almost as a thriller. It uses classic footage of Falcón in her film appearances and finally, in the last interview of the then 96 year old star's life. They tracked her down living as a Franciscan nun. She had rarely given interviews in the years since her "disappearance" and the result is moving. Once a rich, world-wide star, who turned her back on both fame and fortune for life as a nun, she speaks after decades of self-imposed isolation.

The film came out in 2003 and is widely available on Cinemateca.