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Eddy Hernandez & Veronica Trill have frequently been the subject of posts regarding instruction. But not everyone was nearby to take advantage. Now you can avail yourselves of their tango expertise without leaving your home (although it is recommended you leave your home to dance now and again!).

The pair have released a new instructional DVD. You can find out more and order it HERE.

Eddy and Veronica Trill were recently in Argentina giving exhibitions. A video is above via Youtube.  They were invited back to perform in more Buenos Aires’ Milongas in July and August. They are also taking part in this year’s Tango Therapy World Congress in July in Rosario.

They have returned to Florida beginning April 12 and are, once again, conducting their Intensive Tango Tanning at Shall We Dance in Deerfield Beach. They hold a 7:30 beginners class and at 8:30 an intermediate intermediate/advanced class. This is followed by a guided practica until 11 p.m.

At the end of August Helaine Treitman and twelve others traveled from Naples to Miami to see the Eras del Tango show at the Colony Theater in Miami Beach. They also went to a lesson before the La Baldoza milonga with Romina Levin and Claudio Villagra. Treitman received permission to let her level 1 and 2 students to participate.

She remarked that…”..it turned out to be quite an advanced-level lesson!”

They have a couple of videos of the night. 

If you are in or near Naples, Fl check out www.NaplesTango.com.

 Clip #1 - Romina and Claudio: 

“The second clip shows just a moment with Claudio and Romina teaching, but you can get also get a glimpse of members of our group.” Writes Treitman.

Clip #2: 


Helaine & Filippo Avignonesi

Helaine Treitman teaches, and dances, tango in Naples, Florida. She also has a newsletter where I find great videos and other information. Eariler I posted something on her "9 Surprising Tango Tips for Men."

She is also always offering specials on instruction and notices of performances. You can find these at the Helaine Treitman Tango Website.

Below is a video she recently distributed of Geraldine Rojas and Javier Rodriguez dancing, I believe, in Taiwan. Enjoy!
Famed tango instructor Alberto Dassieu returns to Chicago. He was last in the city earlier in the year for Chicago Mini Tango Festival.  Workshops are Sept 4 & 5, with a performance at the milonga being held the evening of September 4.  The milonga is included for folks buying the package.

Dassieu, born in 1937 in a Buenos Aires, was exposed to Tango at a n early time. He has danced since the age of 14.  He has taught at the Casa de Cultura de Ramos Mejia, worked on the filming of Evita, helped out with the National Geographic documentary about Tango (featuring Robert Duvall) as well as a Tango documentary made by Gustavo Benzecry Sabá. He has numerous addition credits.

For more information on the workshops etc go to www.chicagotangofestival.com

For more information on Alberto Sassieu go to www.albertodassieu.com.ar

A video of a recent performance at the 2010 Milongueando Festival in Buenos Aires.

Every Thursday at 49 N. Federal Hwy in Dania Beach you can practice and dance for two hours. Wine and snacks provided for $15. Have a step you are having trouble with? No problem! Yanira is glad to help

And remember! In July men are half price.
For more info call 954-639-3823.
Pablo Repun is teaching a load of tango classes at various points around the USA this summer. The next group are in the D.C./ Baltimore area. Even more interesting Repun has a step by step tango instruction DVD available for purchase at his website. And while I don't think you are going to get the same impact as if you were to take a private lesson or attend a workshop it certainly won't hurt!

Find out more about all of this at the Pablo Repun Website.
Or at least they do in Argentina.

I thought this was a video worth sharing