Eddy & Vernoica  Hernandez Trill teach and dance tango. They employ a mix of Milonguero style and Tango Nuevo. They describe their style as “ full of passion, creativity and beauty.”  Both learned their craft from some of the most important tango masters in Argentina, including: Antonio Todaro, Pepito Avellaneda, Orlando Paiva, Juan Carlos Copes and Gustavo Naveira and many others. The two teach together and have more than 25 years of experience, teaching and dancing in many different countries:Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Austria and the U.S. and more. They also perform in the most important milongas in Buenos Aires and New York.

Both were raised and educated in Argentina and aim to transform feeling into movement to make the tango more than “just” a dance but an “art of infinite expression.”

When asked the ever perplexing question (especially for men, who pay less attention to our footwear)—What kind of shoes should I get for dancing tango? Eddy gives a few pointers.

“The shoes should be comfortable and flexible Plus the shoes should give you good stability because have good balance is very important when you dance. The tango shoes should be made by an expert shoes maker specialized in dance shoes, especially tango shoes.” says Eddy.

Why the tango for Eddy & Veronica? The response is; “Because it belongs to our culture. We both grew up in Argentina and our families were always involved in Tango. Tango is in our blood.”

Among the duo’s favorite tango songs are: Junto a Tu Corazon, Tormenta, Suerte Loca, and Humillacion..

“We love these songs and many more, because they inspire us to dance from the bottom of our hearts” says Eddy.

Upcoming workshops, classes and more-

-July 27th, Workshops at the Czech-Slovak Club in N. Miami,

-July 31st, Workshops and Show at Shall We Dance, in Deerfield Beach

-August 7-8th, Workshops and Show at George's Studio in West Palm Beach

-August 14th, Group Classes and Milonga at 1st Dance Studio in St. Petersburg

-August 15th, Group Classes at Sara Dance Center in Sarasota

-August 16th to 20th, Workshops and exhibitions in New York

-August 21st, Dinner Show at Renzo's Restaurant in Tampa Bay

-Every Friday we host "El Yeite" Milonga in N. Miami

For more information go to www.tangoargentinoeddyvero.com.

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