With over 200 recordings to her credit Argentine tango singer Ada Falcón left the limelight in 1942. This vanishing act is often described in overly dramatic terms--made to seem like some Houdini trick. In fact, she simply went from being a glamorous star at the seeming height of her career to a religious recluse. Nonetheless she was rarely seen and basically vanished from sight without explanation--until 2002.

I Don't Know What Your Eyes Have Done To Me, a documentary by filmmakers Lorena Munoz and Sergio Wolf, is shot almost as a thriller. It uses classic footage of Falcón in her film appearances and finally, in the last interview of the then 96 year old star's life. They tracked her down living as a Franciscan nun. She had rarely given interviews in the years since her "disappearance" and the result is moving. Once a rich, world-wide star, who turned her back on both fame and fortune for life as a nun, she speaks after decades of self-imposed isolation.

The film came out in 2003 and is widely available on Cinemateca.
Krystine Mleczko
3/25/2010 04:16:07 am

This is a really interesting web site. I've always wanted to learn to tango, and more of the history surrounding it. Tango Reports is a good start, as I live in LA!


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