Miriam Larici

The Los Angeles De Tango Festival 2010 is approaching. The sixth anniversary festival takes place November 11-14, 2010 Superstars Of Dance champions, Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo, will appear. Claudio Villagra & Romina Levin, Daniela Pucci & Leonardo Barrionuevo and many other dance stars will also  be present at the festival.

They do not that those who want to stay at the hotel need to register now to get the price of $99. They expect the hotel to be sold out by festival time. Call and ask for Sergio at 310-348-4569 (mention the Los Angeles De Tango Festival).

To register visit the website at www.latango.com. If you have questions you can also email  miriamandleonardotango@gmail.com

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