At the end of August Helaine Treitman and twelve others traveled from Naples to Miami to see the Eras del Tango show at the Colony Theater in Miami Beach. They also went to a lesson before the La Baldoza milonga with Romina Levin and Claudio Villagra. Treitman received permission to let her level 1 and 2 students to participate.

She remarked that…”..it turned out to be quite an advanced-level lesson!”

They have a couple of videos of the night. 

If you are in or near Naples, Fl check out www.NaplesTango.com.

 Clip #1 - Romina and Claudio: 

“The second clip shows just a moment with Claudio and Romina teaching, but you can get also get a glimpse of members of our group.” Writes Treitman.

Clip #2: 

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