Daniel Noce and Ramona Nita started dancing together when they both arrived in Chicago five years ago. At that time they founded Tango Che Productions. Tango Che not only teach and perform, they will choreograph corporate and other events. It sounds like something that would make your corporate event/meeting unique and memorable to me.

Noce is a native of Argentina, borin in Corrientes. According to his bio he left at 20 and went to Buenos Aires to study atthe “Instituto Nacional de Profesoresde Folklore.” He received his bachelors from this vaunted institution. He remained in Buenos Aires for tenyears and worked with various groups. Nita is a native of Romania, has lived in the USA since she was a baby. She also began fancing at an early age. She was performing professionally by the time she was 16. A few years after this she became interested in ballroom and Latin dance. One of her instructors in the tango was Noce.

Both, unsurprisingly, favor Argentine Tango. MUCH more information on them and what they do is available at their website,www.tangoche.com.

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