The Santa Monica International Tango Holiday (aka “The Smith”) have announced the addition of Nito and Elba Garcia to the fest.

Nito Garcia won fifteen dance competitions in a from from 1955-65. What is more this was the very beginning of his career. He began dancing with Elba in 1977. The pair won the Lobo del Mar award in 1996. Now, I could not find out who gives this award but it is for contributions to the arts. All the reviews of this pair are glowing with adjectives such as “graceful” and “dramatic” being used copiously.

The pair have toured the world, performing at festivals and acting as instructors. If you are in the Santa Monica area you will have your chance to witness them in person. AND to take a class from them. This would frighten ME, personally because I would likely step on someone’s feet.
“The Smith” is holding what will be their first tango festival with 28 tango workshops taught by a virtual “who’s who” of the tango. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced dancer (or anything in between) you will find something for you here. There will be over 40 hours of dancing, a beach milonga (tango party), DJs, yoga classes for dancers, chacerara classes and more. Included in beginner classes is a 7 lesson tango “boot camp.”

Festival Prices are as follows
-Until April 15 - $275

-Until May 6 - $325
-Milonga Only Pass (over 40 hours of dancing) - $100
-Class Only Pass (8 classes per level) - $225
-Tango Boot Camp - $60 per person or $100 per couple

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