Tomas Howlin and Shorey Myers are part of a weekend of workshops and milongas in Atlanta from September 9 though 11. The two are considered some of the most innovative teachers in the USA. This is a great opportunity for dancers on all levels

For more information head to www.atlantatango.com/tomas.html or you can register at www.atlantatango.com/workshopsreg.html


Friday, September 9th (DaZa dance studio Buckhead) 8-9 pm, Special class: Pop a wheelie.Unexpected Turns and Twirls  Drop-in price $15 (not included in any pass).

9:15pm-12:30am LUNA, Special Edition $10 (or included in the weekend pass) 
Shorey Myers guests DJs - Performance by Tomas and Shorey around 10:30pm

Saturday, September 10th(The GYM at PPC) 2:15-3:3:45pm: Changing Dynamics. Shape your movement to convey quality 4-5:30pm: Viboritas. Rattling snake moves, sequencing and interlacing crisp ochos.

Sunday, April June 12th ,
2:15-3:45pm: The Musical Embrace. The intimate musicality
4-5:30pm: Ghost Sacadas. Haunt your partner with shadow placement and positioning in sacadas


Individual registration:

4 workshops + LUNA: $100 ($80 for students with real ID)
1 day of workshops: $55 ($40 for students)
Each workshop: $30 ($25 for students)

Couples registering together (4 weekend workshops + LUNA)

1/2 STUDENT DISCOUNT (only one person is a student): $165


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