I have really been trying to get some dancers or instructors to chat with Gricel.org about the tango, about why it specifically appeals to them, about what about the culture of the tango has become part of their lives and why.

But so far, no luck!

I attribute this to something similar to the oft quoted "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture" which was of course the comment of a whiny musician who had some bad notices and felt the need to be clever. In the case of dancing, however, there is something to it, especially in the case of my trying to get people to TALK about dance.

What is there to say? And those who dance professionally or instruct are often more about action.This isn't to say I am going to stop trying. I may just get out the video camera and go to work with that!

As always suggestions welcome and place let us know about Tango events, videos, products and anything to do with Gricel.

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